This is the first.

Of a new endeavor to archive.

And we've decided on -

The terrible basics. With these simple parameters, I'll be analyzing film structure.

I used to watch two films a week for three years. Which evaporated. Being exposed to films is important. For watchers or makers of any kind. Maybe the reason I stopped consistently watching is because I didn't feel like I was giving anything back.

Ingesting is great, but I'm involved with film. I could do a little better.

I hear people argue over structure in film. A lot. Whether auteurs really give a damn about meeting page:

or 110 if it's a comedy. 30 maybe. Maybe 22.

Their films speak for themselves with their inherent structure. Their authors might not even think about it. But that's what makes it engaging.

I'll be finding structure in your Eraserhead s. Your The Master s. Your Queen of Earth s, films people swear by having no structure. I've already done Under the Skin and I'll unearth more.

The execution of this blog will evolve over time. I look forward to archiving much more.